Mongolia - The Frontier Market


is one of the most exciting investment opportunities currently available in the world. With over $10 billion USD already committed for deep mining and infrastructure projects, Mongolia remains the final frontier for investors to benefit from continual and rapid growth.

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Investing Climate in Mongolia

Financing sources underpinning investment since 2010 show Mongolia is heavily dependent on FDI, and the sharp drop from 2013-2015 has since picked up. While FDI sharply fell over the last few years, public investment financed by the government budget and DBM rapidly increased, relying on domestic and external debt financing. Looking forward, Mongolia has certain particular areas that foreign investors can enjoy for the time being.

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Tax Guidance for Property Investment in Mongolia

Taxes in Mongolia can be difficult to navigate, so we condensed and shortened some of our 2018 Mongolia Real Estate Report to give to you as useful content for investing in an exciting emerging market. 

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Mongolia's Foreign Direct Investment Since 2005

As any businessperson in Mongolia will tell you, the country’s economy is driven by mining and foreign investment. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is so important that the GDP growth has  risen and fallen largely with the rise and fall of FDI. Even during the 2008 global financial crisis, GDP growth recovered fairly quickly because FDI did not drop too much.

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Saynshand Oil Refinery: Energy Security and Diversification

 Today's Mongolia is a paradox. Endowed with abundant natural hydrocarbon wealth, the country has grown fast feeding the factories of its energy-hungry southern neighbour, China. At the same time, it is precariously dependant on Russia for much of its own energy supply. Addressing this insecurity is therefore high on the government’s geostrategic to-do list.

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Mongolian Properties Introduction

Mongolian Properties is the largest Real Estate Agency based in Ulaanbaatar.

The Olympic Residence

The Olympic Residence in the heart of Uaanbaatar, Mongolia.

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