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is one of the most exciting investment opportunities currently available in the world. With over $10 billion USD already committed for deep mining and infrastructure projects, Mongolia remains the final frontier for investors to benefit from continual and rapid growth.

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Mongolia & The U.N: A Look Back After 60 Years

Last month marked the 60th anniversary of Mongolia’s initiation into the United Nation, a historic milestone given the country’s tumultuous history. As we look back, Mongolia’s membership into the U.N hasn’t been without its setbacks. In fact, its entry was overshadowed and undermined by geopolitical dynamics and maneuverings of the Cold War, with the United States and the Soviet Union acting as inflexible roadblocks each with their own set apprehensions.

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Mongolia 2019 Q4 Update

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Mongolia 2019 Q3 Economic Summary

Mongolian economic growth has remained resilient in the third quarter, driven by sturdy private consumption, solid FDI inflows and coal exports 

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Mongolia's Return to Horseback Politics: From Destruction to Diplomacy

Home to the world-famous Genghis Khan, the land-locked and remote Asian nation now employs a more nuanced method of attracting the world spotlight than conquering territories in outer Eurasia.

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Brief Introduction to Mongolian Properties

Mongolian Properties Introduction

Mongolian Properties is the largest Real Estate Agency based in Ulaanbaatar.

Олимпик Резиденс загварын байр нээгдлээ

The Olympic Residence

The Olympic Residence in the heart of Uaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Village@Nukht Singapore Version

Invest in a shopping mall in Mongolia

APIP presents Mongolia and The Village @Nukht